5 Best Ways to Improve your true Instagram followers In 2021

1. Show everywhere your Instagram

How will people find an account if your Instagram is not promoted? Ensure your Instagram accounts and other social networks are listed on your website.

Creating awareness and visibility is one of the best ways to be found. Let people know where to find you if you really want to get more Instagram followers. You can include social media buttons on your website and blog to encourage social shares throughout your network and to show people where you can find yourself on Instagram.

Another great idea is to promote your social media accounts throughout. Awareness of Instagram by Twitter is regularly spread by the Museum. Your other social networks can be used easily to direct users to your Instagram.

Make sure you don’t just request a follow-up, however. You should instead try to promote unique content on your Instagram so that you can be followed there by users. Thankfully, with Instagram adding a tonne of new content and videos like Stories, IGTV and Reels, you’ve got a great chance for creative content.

2. Post content followers want

While it’s easier to say than to do, it’s clever to understand the content your fans want. You will soon find that some content works better than others on Instagram. Testing is therefore so important.

The smallest details can make a difference, be it philters, underlinings, content types or post times. Keep your ears on new trends on Instagram so you know that you post popular content.

Your brand should invest in Instagram analytical tools to take your analysis one step further. This makes it easier for Instagram content to track, benchmark, and analyze across accounts.

Be confident about what you’ll do best with your audience by analyzing various philters, subtitles, and more. Try analyzing your competitors if you are unsure where to start.

You should not copy your competitors directly, but it is clever to take notes about what the competition does or posts. There can be a bit of competitive research. To find out what is working for other brands in your industry, you can use our Instagram Competitude reports.

3. Get the conversation started

The conversation is one of the best ways to make users aware of Instagram. In accordance with the Sprout Social Index 2020, consumers are interested in visual content first, such as photography (68%) and video (50%), followed by 30% who are interested in text messages. Instagram is ideal for this audience profile, combining eye-catching visuals with subtitles which are just as attractive when you perfect your copywriting skills for Instagram.

Social media continues to be used by people for their brands, be it for off-the-cuff questions and chat, for serious customer service questions, or commendations for their favorite brands and products. And you need to support and communicate with Instagram for your business.

Try to answer as many questions and/or comments as possible, because this may mean that your relationship with your audience has been improved or a new customer has been found. Our research in the Index also showed that 89 % of consumers buy a brand after their social activities, so it is important to ensure that a visitor is careful and loyal to their profile.

4. Find hashtags that convert

One of the most proven ways to get supporters on Instagram is by means of hashtags. Hashtags have been an important tool for our discovery for years and allowed us to broaden our social reach. As a marketer, your community is built by gathering supporters and hashtags.

To begin with, find hashtags not too crowded. Social Media Examiner points out this theory by explaining how more than 184 million pictures are connected to hashtag # love. In an ocean of millions of pictures and videos, it’s not easy to try and highlight your Instagram content.

You need to find hashtags that are more likely to be checked in your target audience. These users will be more likely to be following your account if a relevant connexion is made. One way for group posts about your brand and campaigns is to use unique and branded hashtags.

For example, M&Ms does an excellent job of concentrating hashtags at an event. The brand is more directly targeted towards the public by using hashtags like # spotlight and creates awareness where the concert event takes place.

It’s also critical to understanding how your hashtags work on Instagram. And you have direct access to Hashtag performance and usage data with Sprout Social hashtag analysis tools to see what works best.

Don’t go blindly to the universe of hashtags, know what you tag so you can construct yours.

5. Make your Instagram followers happy

Not least, you see the payoff in the growth of the audience when you make your Instagram followers happy. We have provided you with many tips to brainstorm your content and to schedule it so you can put it into practice so that your brand voice feels real. That means avoiding appearing to be in need, robot or sales-driven.

This means sprinkling in posts that are lawfully intended to smile on the faces of followers and build customer connexions for many accounts. Don’t forget to offer content to your followers as if they were your personal friends: this may include posting memories, inspiring content or just re-sharing interesting pictures or artworks (all of which, of course, are appropriately credited) which can make your followers mentally pick up the day.


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