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Wi-Fi extender – How to Fix wi-fi Range Extender Failure Error?

Are you having issues with your wi-fi Range Extender? Also after downloading a Wi-Fi range extender, does it not catch the Wi-Fi signals? All right, no need to worry. You weren’t the only one finding solutions to this problem. It often occurs because of disconnectivity, but this guide will expose all the potential triggers responsible for your Wi-Fi range extender failure. Continue to read.

Possible reasons behind your range extender’s failure:

There may be several other explanations for this issue, but I have listed some popular ones most users face here. Take a look at them please:

  1. There’s many higher risks of destroying any internal hardware parts or even antennas.
  2. Always make sure that the antennas must be properly wired to the New extender setup. If it’s loose, the extender won’t work.
  3. Also, make sure that the Wi-Fi Boosters is compatible with your Wi-Fi router. Otherwise, you’re going to spend your money in vain.
  4. There should be no harm or cracking to the Ethernet cable you are using to connect the device.
  5. You can not receive the signals if you have not followed the proper procedure for installing your Wi-Fi Range extender.
  6. Switch to the new one if the firmware of your extender is outdated.
  7. Owing to the interference in the network due to radio waves coming from devices like baby monitors, microwaves, cell phones, etc., you can not get signals from your Wi-Fi extender.

How to resolve a problem that does not fit with the Wi-Fi range Extender?

If you have to re-examine those problems I mentioned above and have not found any of them, follow these steps:

  1. By simply turning it off and on, restart your Wi-Fi extender.
  2. For the best performance, it is proposed to use an Ethernet cable to connect the Wi-Fi range extender and the Wi-Fi router. So, if your extender and router are wirelessly wired, consider using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Try to reset your Wi-Fi extender and configure it again. Visit the mywifiext.net web page to reconfigure it once you’re through with the reset process.
  4. Or else, it is recommended that you call an expert to reset your Wi-Fi extender setup, or you can follow the steps we have listed below to reset your Range extender.

Here’s how you can reset your Wi-fi range extender:

  1. Attach a power outlet with your Wi-Fi Range extender.
  2. Find a reset button on the computer for the extender.
  3. With a pointed-pin (similar to the SIM-tray ejector tool you get with new smartphones), push the button once and then release it.

That’s all that has to be done! You’ve reset your Wi-Fi extender it.



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