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Design A Logo That Makes Your Info Product a Success

It is becoming more and more common in the world of online businesses or blogs to offer info-products for users of these brands, among which eBooks stand out.

The fact that your eBook has a cover that attracts attention (for the better), conveys a feeling of neatness, professionalism and rigor, will make your customers not think so much about whether they want to download or buy it. With what you will win.

For this reason, in this post I tell you five very simple tricks with which you can make the design of the covers of your eBooks always succeed.

1. Make The Title Read Well

We’ll start with a very basic trick, but one that we often overlook: make the title look best on the entire cover.

Also, something obvious but super important is to pay close attention to possible spelling errors. Imagine finding an eBook that is beautiful but with a lack of those that makes you want to cry. Wouldn’t you buy it? As always, the secret is to take care of all the details.

2. Design Thinking Small

Normally, you design the cover of your eBook in real size, making sure you meet all the established requirements (that it reads well, that it is effective, etc.) but you should not forget that, possibly, this cover you will use more times in a very small size, rather than actual size.

If you put it on your sidebar, or on a banner on your website, it is impossible for it to be the actual size of an eBook, so you must make sure that your design continues to be seen and read well in reduced sizes.

3. Make It Stand Out

Your cover has to attract attention and stand out above the rest of your content since, possibly, it is what you are most interested in offering your customers.

But, as I always say, it has to attract attention for good, looking professional and quality, so that your clients will want to buy or download that material.

But remember, less is more, and a simple design can also attract attention if done well (and this is more difficult to achieve than many people think). Do not spend more than two fonts, many colors or images or too much text. Find an idea and exploit it.

Keep in mind that the cover has to convey a lot of desire to want to know what is inside, it has to awaken some positive feeling that makes you want to know more, so it is not worth going overboard. Which of these two would you go to first?

4. Who Is Your eBook for?

You must be very clear about the audience for your eBook. You have to put yourself in their shoes, know what they are looking for, what and how they want to find it and know how to transmit it correctly with your design, without losing your essence.

Your client wants to get an idea of ​​what they will find within the content at a glance. Show him something that is attractive to him, with which he feels identified and that he wants to know.

Could you identify two different audiences with these examples?

5. Don’t Forget Your Identity

Although it is true that in the previous point I told you that you have to focus on the final recipient to whom your eBook is directed, you also have to bear in mind that the market, despite being relatively new, is very saturated with info products.

So do not make the design of your cover can be one more and go unnoticed among the pile. Always remember to include some identifying element of your identity.

Remember that identity is not only reduced to the logo by logo designers (which I take for granted that you will always put it on your covers), so you can use a color that identifies your brand, an image style that you usually use, etc.

Aren’t they simple? I assure you that if you put these five easy tricks into practice to design the covers of your eBooks, you will mark a before and after in your brand.

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