What is Google my business and why is it important?

It is free of cost and designed to make it easier for local businesses and national brands to float on Google search results. So if you are still indecisive scroll on! 

What is GMB? Is it worth it? 

Google my business (GMB), a united business interface launched in 2014, allows you to create and verify your business on different Google platforms. To get your business on Google my business listing is not much of a hassle. It’s quite procedural and helps to get your business easily listed on Google maps and local search results. Important details including closing/opening hours, address, contact or website link. Recently, Google released a new feature to post a link to articles or upcoming events. You can have a GMB page without a google account but signing up for your business is an upgrade for your sales. Think of it this way, there are plenty of businesses out there, longing for better sales and profit and a free of cost feature like this by Google My Business can take their business online and promote it and give some promised customers if handled adequately.

Local businesses visibility factor:

User intent is the map of Google to connect customers and businesses now. And getting your business on Google business listing is the best way to be found. When you searched for ‘places to eat near me’ at a new place Google gave a list of places to dine in based on your current location. These businesses shown as a result of your search query have a GMB account and a step closer to attracting you to their business. What if these businesses were not listed in the GMB business listing? Will the business attract the same amount of customers offline? So decide what Google My Business brings to you. Google regularly makes changes to the algorithms, so having a GMB account isn’t sufficient alone, you need regular optimization for better results.

Optimization is the key: 

All set with listing your business on Google My Business listing? Now what will keep your position on the first-page search result is optimization. Include as many important details as you can after all you want to attract them to your business, not to some shutdown shop far away from your business. So, make sure the details and direction are correct because creating a huff for customers will mess up reviews, too. When customers search your business and are eager the next they will want contact or the open hours to reach your business. Search queries are quite variable so having information instantly accessible is a trick to keep up with them. If your business isn’t easy to find, people will take the easier lane. The online environment business is competitive so take advantage of what people search in time and quit hindering your ability to gain new customers. 


So your GMB description gives you a 750 words limit that can work wonders for your business if used properly. Try to write a good description to add to the listing which needs to be relevant for the user, for it to work. The description is an overview of your business and keywords related to your business should be added. Any visitor will read your description without much thought and make a judgement, also, try to include 2-3 keywords that describe your business the best way. 

Keep them posted!! 

Posting regularly on your GMB profile and maintaining a clear image of your business attracts customers the most. All you need to do is to go to your GMB profile and create a new post, an image and write up to 300 words of text or an event title, including its start and end date. After this, you have an option to add a call-to-action with different button choices including ‘Learn more’, ‘Reserve’, ‘Buy’, ‘Sign up, and ‘Get offer’. Your post is going to stay for 7 days and you must prepare to replace it, Google rings a reminder as well. The post option provides flexibility from promoting events to sharing contents as well highlighting the special offers so make sure to make use out of it. Also, remember that you need weekly updates to catch up with every post’s expiry. Here, not only your customers are freshly updated but Google also views you as an active user. And for the events, they expire on the event date which makes it easy to deal with.

Do capture the moments:

Feb 2020 came with a new update of adding up to 10 photographs or videos to Google posts. This means better e-commerce business as multiple pictures means multiple chances of promoting your products and videos can portray a story which isn’t enough to paint by a mere photograph. 

You must have added some great quality pictures-exterior/interior, promoting your products, the logo but that won’t be your best effort. So, images regularly make your profile good and well updated for business so post as much as possible.

Review it before you visit it! 

This line is what hits the customers when they visit your page. No one wants to drive to a shop only to find it closed or with insufficient services with unbelievable charges. So, always take care of reviews, think of reviewing as a reality check of your business and reply to them good or bad and more to the bad ones, we need trust the most to have a regular customer. At last, your reviews are something that allows you to engage with the customers and get better from learning what people like and what they don’t and improving it accordingly. Reviews are some valuable data to keep for your business.

Do not underestimate its value! 

We came a long way about informing all the must-know facts and some pros a GMB profile can enjoy. Now you know what an up to date and precisely detailed Google My Business page can do. so if you didn’t think of keeping it updated before you should take some initiative or lose one of the best free ways to appear in Google search results. Not underestimating its high adaptability and updation for reflecting on day to day changes. All you need is time and correct knowledge to optimise your page and you are done. You will see the benefits instantly.

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